For anyone out there who loves to play poker online and is wondering exactly what is set mining, this article will offer a quick and enjoyable overview! Set mining poker is an intermediate technique that anyone looking to play poker online competitively should use. Many players out there are using set mining poker to really leverage their earning potential!

Read through the following sections to get a clear sense of what is set mining and how you can use set mining poker to turn a profit. You will learn to check the odds to hit set poker very easily and that will make it really simple to implement set mining poker in your regular play style.

What is set mining and why it will make you improve your bottom line when you play poker online?

Set mining simply means to try to leverage a pocket pair by raising preflop while looking to put together a set right on the flop, which effectively allows you to beat the other players and steal the pot. This technique can tremendously improve your bottom line, since by doing it right you can literally milk your opponents dry. To succeed in using set mining, you have to be clear on the probabilities you have of making a set after the flop, so you can leverage your bets judiciously and minimize the chances of losing.

No matter which poker pair you have been dealt when you play poker online, you have about one eight of a chance to hit a strong directly on the flop that virtually guarantees you will have the best hand. This amounts to something like 12% to 15% chances of winning, which at first sight doesn’t seem like the kind of odds that make you feel like throwing some chips around, right? Well, that’s only until you start understanding the concept of *implied odds* as well.

Understanding the implied odds to hit set poker is a major step to benefit from set mining poker when you play poker online!

When you’re talking about your implied odds to hit a set in poker, you’re not referring to a specific variable but rather to one with speculative qualities. Poker players usually speak in terms of either having or not having implied odds, which is another way of saying that you have a really strong, calculated hunch that you are likely to hit a set directly after the flop. So which variables should you look into while trying to figure out your implied odds? You should focus on aspects such as your perceived image, your opponent’s style, and how likely they are to throw money in the pot… as all as one crucial variable.

When considering implied odds and looking to profit consistently from set mining, there is a crucial variable to keep in mind at all times: your pot equity. In other words, you need to look at the ratio between the money you put into the pot and the money you can get out of it if you do hit a set post-flop and do win the hand. This ratio should be at least 1/20 if you’re looking to be safe and consistently benefit from set mining; meaning you can never put more than 1/20 of your total chips into a set mining move, and you always must aim to earn 20 twenty times more money that you put into the pot.

The number above is somewhat arbitrary, so you should try to understand the underlying logic. And the logic is that since you have 1/8 of a chance to actually hit a set after the flop when you’re dealt a pocket pair… it means you have to make sure the money you get from each successful attempt at mining the set. So when you factor in possible situations that might unexpectedly drop your pot equity – like the off chance that your set will not be the winning hand, or similar issues – you quickly realize that you have to get a solid margin from your successful set mining efforts if you hope to cover for the unsuccessful attempts and still turn a profit.

As you see, set mining is all about looking at the typical odds in a specific scenario that often plays out in games of poker, and acting in a way that turns those probabilities in your favor. If you do it right and use set mining consistently, it can be a tremendously powerful tool in your arsenal as an intermediate to advanced poker player seeking to consistently make a profit when playing poker online.