If you’re a regular online casino player and you’d like to try something new, you’ll enjoy learning about Twister Poker. Also known as Blast Poker or Spin & Go, this is a fun new take on traditional online poker that is attracting a lot of attention lately. It’s actually an ingenious new crossover of online poker and online casino action that brings different elements together in a very unique way!

Read this article for a quick overview on Twister Poker, and enjoy this innovative new take on online casino entertainment! If you like the idea of playing a turbo charged game of Texas Hold’em Sit&Go against a small number of online casino players, this might just be what you’ve been looking for to put a spin to your online poker routine. It’s not by chance this is quickly turning into one of the most popular SNG jackpot games available! Read on for details, and visit Topcasinosites if you find this new breed of gambling interesting; there you will find everything worth knowing about gambling and casinos in the UK.

What is Spin and Go Poker and Why Should You Play It?

Spin and go poker is an exciting new twist on the classic online poker formula we all know and love. Some people refer to these types of SNG jackpot games as Spin & Go since that term does describe the essential formula behind twister poker and other spin and go poker games. Essentially, you’re looking at a fun new type of sit & go online poker where you can potentially get the same kind of winnings that are normally only possible in full-fledged poker tournaments… except here the entire action tends to go by really fast, usually in five to ten minutes!

When you’re playing a blast poker game, the concept involves having a timer set for only a few minutes after the game starts. When the timer runs out, all players are forced to go all-in, no matter where they stand in the game! This usually translates in furious action that can be really exciting to play since the adrenaline levels will raise really fast depending on how the game unfolds until the timer runs out. There are different versions of SNG jackpot games available, with some spin and go poker versions involving one of the players being randomly marked as the bounty at the start of a game– which then means the prize pool will go to the player who manages to bankrupt that specific player.

This kind of arrangement makes for very unpredictable online poker game where the action tends to escalate really quickly and unpredictably!

You may also want to try Spin and Go Poker not only because it’s a really fun and fast-paced game, but also since the winning opportunities are often unexpectedly huge. Moreover, you’ll find the competition is not as fierce as in the traditional online poker games, since twister poker is favored by new players rather than seasoned veterans. It’s worth noting, however, how the most consistently enticing and profitable blast poker games will often have hefty buy-ins… which is only natural, since the money has to come from somewhere.

For an Even More Exciting Blast Poker Version, Try Twister Poker!

Twister Poker is a game presenting yet another twist on SNG jackpot games. It has been improved by mixing it with Playtech’s Age of Gods-franchise, but the main poker concept remains. Here there are only three players in total, and the prize pool is decided randomly at the begging of the game through a kind of wheel of fortune – this means the actual prize won’t be the amount players paid to join the game; it can be slightly less, or in rare occasions you may find yourself looking at a prize pool worth a thousand times your buy-in amount! As you can imagine, this kind of variance presents a huge potential to run across some particularly exciting games, every now and then.

Try SNG Hero to Check out PartyPoker’s Own Take of Twist Poker!

One of the most popular SNG jackpot games now available at your favored online casino PartyPoker is SNG hero, which is a 4-player game where competition is fierce and action goes very fast. This game relies on a bounty format (where one of the players is randomly tagged as the “victim”), and it can turn out to be great choice for lucky players who are still brushing up on their online poker stills. That’s because the high variability of these SNG jackpot games and the speed of the action makes for a great training for players who are still getting started playing online poker. You will have a lot of fun playing SNG hero, and you might realize the speed of these games will make you feel more comfortable than ever when you switch back to classical Sit & Go Tables.